Birman Cats and Cat Pics       UPDATE : FEB - MARCH 2012   (see footer)

My Birman Cat Pics - the famous cats from Burma known as Birmans.
Long haired, intelligent, lovable, cuddly things - admired by all...

BIRMAN CATS : You Like ?

birman cats? we do like a good video... Birman Cat photos by the Oz Piano man. (more below)

We're NOT breeders
No cats for sale here...

But our felines were among the first (1998) ever to get their pictures published on the internet - and back then, they indeed became world famous within days!

the Power of the web

Sadly, both of our lovely Birmans are now deceased...
After a suitable period of mourning however, we cat fanciers decided it was time to
experience the joys of cat ownership once more.
So a new bundle of domestic unpredictability arrived: a rather more boisterous creature - typical of the Bengal Cat line.
Bonding? No probs there... despite her being one incredibly fast mover, she'll instantly revert to snuggling in one's lap.
Weird! A 2 speed cat this one; Either On or Off...

Did I say "unpredictable"? Unlike our Birmans, she sleeps NIGHTS! Wonderful . . . . . . .
Can you imagine; A cat not interested in carousing with the neighborhood riffraff?
Stays on the bed 9.30 pm to 6 am, when a quick visit to the garden is sufficient to satisfy the first of nature's calls.
Another visit later on means Hey, Yay, no Litter Tray ... Purrfect!

But look, this page was inspired by those beautiful Birman Cats ...and we have many fond memories.
Indeed, one of the cats survived for 14 years! Our privilege to have him for most of those.
So here they are: Two Birmans both proudly owned by OzPianoman and family in Melbourne, Australia.

Of course, we never really own cats - do we?
Someone once said: "You Own a Dog - you FEED a cat !"
Can't argue with that.

Click pics ONCE to enlarge- Double Click to shrink

birman cat pics Birman Cat pics 2 Birman Cat bliss Birman Cat sleepingBirman Cat hiding
Cute one to finish...

We acquired our Birmans from a young Turkish business couple, way too busy to look after
the 3 year olds they'd named "Muetzin" & "Seetosh".
Sorry mate ... names like that simply won't do around here!

Our "RaoulCat" created his own name in fact.

Aged 3, walks into the house, gives it the once over, looks me square in the eye and lets out
a long plaintive 'RAOUULLL' in the key of G flat.
His sister (well half sister anyway, same father, different litter, born a week apart);
Despite the warm, cozy cats photo - she didn't like him a whole lot and frequently boxed his ears.
She eventually got named; A famous painting in a landmark Melbourne pub is the good looking,
rather shapely female "Chloe" ... we thought that eminently suited our little lady.
We only had her for two years before she got bumped off by some thug in a hit run...
By the way...
The "stretched out cat" photo is our real live Clobo.
That's just how she liked to sleep!

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